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Aluminum alloy casting

Aluminum alloy casting, being a supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is a demanding job that we are able to fulfill. We are dedicated to providing our customer base with the highest grade Aluminum ally castings and zinc castings. We maintain a highly experienced team of operators, tooling makers, engineers, quality control and sales team.


  customized aluminum alloy accessory


  The process of removing the precision casting from the mold, removing the excess parts outside the body, and polishing the inner and outer surfaces of the casting. Core removal and surface cleaning: Divided into two types of dry method and wet method. Dry cleaning is the use of mechanical equipment to clean up castings… read more →

  The investment casting process is more complicated and difficult to control, and the materials used and consumed are more expensive, so it is suitable for the production of small parts with complex shapes, high precision requirements, or difficult to perform other processing, such as turbine engine blades. The first process of investment casting production.. read more →

  The use of precision castings is getting wider and wider, and the processing technology is more and more. The cooling process is an indispensable process. Some of them need to experience the solid phase transition of the alloy, and the metal changes during the phase transition, such as The volume of carbon steel changes.. read more →