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Specialized aluminum casting Enterprise in China. Simulation of the casting system, Proficient in 3d design software,solidworks,Pro.CAD,UG, rich experience in aluminum alloy casting mould and aluminum alloy casting parts keeps supportting good and stabile quality for customers.

At aluminum alloy china, mold design and manufacturing completely adopt CAD/CAE/CAM technology. Our engineering team use computerized modeling to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for highly complex components. This technique allows for thorough evaluation and refinement of the tooling design before tooling construction begins — and ensures that the tooling will produce the best possible part with optimal production efficiency. Our supplementary mold making team can also assist in formulating a comprehensive testing program to ensure the final integrity of your parts.

precision mold processing

3d design                                                      mold processing                                                               finished mold 


Whole processing: Drawing or Sample→Mould making→casting→Deburrs→heat treatment (T5,T6)→Machining(Drilling and thread,CNC machining

Surface treatment(Polising,Anodized,powder coating,paint,E-blacking)→Assembly and Packing→Shipping

The inspection will be through each process step, all castings are pressed and coming our from precision mold and machines, all keep full quality checking at every steps.


At aluminum alloy China, our aluminum alloy casting processes are built on the belief that manufacturing aluminum alloy cast parts is a science. For over15 years we have fine tuned our customer assurance protocol. To maintain our position as a aluminum alloy casting leader, we have the supplier and customer assurance standards to back up this foundation.

Heat treating is used as a aluminum alloy casting second process, with T5 and T6, after the initial casting phase. This process is used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of an aluminum casting part. This process consists of the heating and cooling of a aluminum casting, which does not change or affect the shape of a casting. This will greatly improve the aluminum cast part’s strength, hardness and electrical conductivity. In addition, Heat Treating also improves the finish machining of a aluminum castings.

For machining, high Precision Aluminum Casting CNC Machininig to ensure:

  • Material: casting Aluminum;
  • 4 axis CNCs meet requirements on tolerance;
  • One-stop  casting solutions from molding, casting, machining( if part need), and finishing(if part need);
  • Tolerance standard:DIN ISO 2768,DIN ISO 8015, ASME Y14.5M,JIS B 0419,GB/T 1804,GB/T 1184;
  • Competitive price without quality compromising;
  • Always delivered on time;
  • Flexible volume;
  • Strict quality control during processing.


Of course, we’d like using direct part example for checking:

More parts examples: 

more aluminum castings alu castingcasting lighting


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