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LPDC processing

LPDC mold design                                                               castings                                                                                   mold

Being a supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is a demanding job that we are able to fulfill. These large OEM clients require us to fit within their specific project data systems. We are dedicated to providing our customer base with the highest grade Zinc and Aluminum alloy castings. Our core competencies include: casting, mold making capabilities, melting / alloying in-house, finishing, machining and assembly. In order to operate a first class, all-in-one facility expect finishing, we maintain a highly experienced team of operators, tooling makers, engineers, quality control and sales team.


All molds division are strictly according customers’ part structure and engineers’ professional design, mould production machines by CNC and machining center meeting most critical dimensional requirements. Our aluminum casting machines ranges from 80T to 800T.


ISO9001 certified aluminum casting Plant

Our QC department is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced specialists to control all projects, casting, machining, assembly and finishing processes to exceed our customer expectations.


Various aluminum cast projects have allowed us to expand from a small one room shop into a large scale aluminum cast company. Our Quality Control Team generates a control plan for each part number from start to final step. This identifies all key part dimensions and defining the methods for their inspection. This industry standard practice is the reason that we are approved great suppliers for many customers.


Our experienced team of engineers and production staffs receive on-going training of industry practices. Your projects are guaranteed quality at a economical rate.

aluminum casting is used to produce zinc and aluminum parts, by injecting melting material – under high pressure – into reusable steel molds (also known as dies). They can be designed to produce very complicated parts with pin point accuracy. Our aluminum casting company manufactures parts with sharp definition, strong material integrity and smooth or textured surface finishes. Our company is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for the following industries:  Decoration industry, Furniture, Public facilities part, Electric accessory,pipe, electric field, etc.


There is one leading force behind our project success rate. This force is a strict focus to serving our client needs. We focus on meeting each goal, to satisfy customer with every project. To receive a high supplier rating, we meet these project goals. Each employee in our company will take any possible measure to serve your product needs.aluminum alloy casting is the one-stop shop for the lean sourcing of cast parts.


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