low pressure aluminum alloy casting


 Low pressure aluminum alloy die casting(LPDC) also could call her Counter-Gravity Casting CGC

Counter-Gravity Casting (CGC), and for chinese, we name it mostly Low pressure aluminum alloy die casting(LPDC) mostly.

CGC/LPDC is the application of Pascal principle in foundry production. As far as its process is concerned, it is a liquid forming method between pressure casting and gravity casting. The driving force of the alloy liquid filling mold is opposite to the direction of gravity, and the alloy liquid flows in the opposite direction to the gravity. Compared with gravity casting, the fluid state of the melt during the liquid forming process of anti-gravity casting can be controlled, and the solidification and shrinkage capacity can be enhanced by the action of external force. Therefore, the process can achieve stable liquid filling and compact structure of the casting. Casting defects can be effectively controlled and are the preferred method for producing high quality castings.

Due to the existence of external driving force, CGC becomes a controllable process. In the process of filling metal liquid. Different filling speeds can be realized by controlling the magnitude of the applied force, and such filling could meet the different process for each parts’ requirements. At the same time, after filling completed, the external force can be continuously increased, the casting can be solidified under a large force, the feeding ability of the molten metal is improved, and casting defects such as shrinkage holes, pores and pinholes are reduced.


Low-pressure casting is a very important casting process in casting aluminum alloys, because of its unique process and high quality stability, low-pressure casting is becoming more and more popular. Many cast aluminum alloys are cast at low pressure. Low-pressure casting has many advantages, such as a wide range of materials, a wide range of surface treatments, heat treatment, easy casting, and more.


Low pressure aluminum alloy casting, with its special characteristics and easy pouring, its widely used for many parts, and material is also widely be choosen, like: AlSi7Mg, AlSi7Mg is a common and used aluminum alloy grade. It is called differently in international countries, such as in China ZL101, ISO-Al-Si7Mg (Fe), Japan AC4C, European standard is 42100, Germany is alsi7mg, Britain is LM25, USA is A356. Of course, they are all the same. This kind material could do heat treatment T5, T6 to increasing mechnical  needs, and its good applied for parts in low pressure, you’ll ask why?


aluminum alloy low pressure casting

aluminum alloy low pressure casting


The technical characteristics of low pressure casting:
1. The pressure and speed during casting can be adjusted, so it can be applied to various molds (such as metal type, part need sand core, etc.), casting various alloys and various sizes of castings. 0.02kg-30kg.
2. The metal liquid filling type is stable, and there is no splashing phenomenon, which can avoid the entrapment of gas and the flushing of the type wall and the core, and improve the qualification rate of the casting.
3. The casting is crystallized under pressure. The casting has compact structure, clear outline, smooth surface and high mechanical properties, which is especially beneficial for the casting of large thin or thick-walled parts.
4. Save the shrinking riser and increase the metal utilization rate to 90% to 98%.
5. Low labor intensity, good working conditions, simple equipment, easy mechanization and automation.


Main different points of low pressure and die casting is: LPDC could do more thickner thin parts and with heat treatment while die casting no.

Basic Info
Surface Treatment: Shot blasting
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2008
Technology: low pressure aluminum alloy casting
Size: According to Your Drawings
Transport Package: Carton, Wooden Cases
Origin:Ningbo, China

 A356 aluminum alloy ingot

Flow chart

Drawing or Sample→Mould making→casting→Deburrs→heat treatment (T5,T6)→Machining(Drilling and thread,CNC machining

Surface treatment(Polising,Anodized,powder coating,paint,E-blacking)→Assembly and Packing→Shipping

The inspection will be through each process step

Surface treament 

blasting, Polising,plating,anodized,powder coating,paint,E-blacking(Electrophoresis) Hard treament,Sand blasting,ball blasting,vibration grinding,tumbling

Product Description

101A/A356/AlSi7Mg aluminum precision casting parts
Process technology: low pressure aluminum alloy casting. Material: Aluminum alloy, Alsi7mg


Quality Control:

We have a full set of quality control system to guarantee best product quality. Depending on the products, we can make different Item Testing Plan, Manufacturing procedure etc.

Raw material control
Chemistry spectrum analysis
Mechanical property
Metallographic analysis
Magnetic testing
Dimension inspection
Visual inspection
Leak testing
Hardness test

Machining Ability
Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center
CNC lathe and normal lathe
CNC drilling and milling Center
Other assistant equipment

FinishedPolishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating, anodizing,electroplating, oxcidation, Chrome plating, mirror polishing.



Led light housing, Auto & Motocyle & Byicycle parts, Furniture accessories, Home decoration and housing holding, Mechanical parts, etc


Following is common aluminum alloy low pressure casting material types:

China GB ISO JIS EN NF DIN BS UNI              USA
Grade Code AA SAE
AlSi7Mg ZL101 AlSi7Mg AC4C ENAC-42100 A-S7G AlSi7Mg LM25 3599 356 323
ZAlSi7MgA ZL101A AlSi7Mg AC4CH ENAC-42100 A-S7G03 AlSi7Mg(3.2371) 2L99 8024 A356.0 336
ZAlSi12 ZL102 AlSi12 AC3A ENAC-44100 A-S13 AlSi12(3.2581) LM6 4514 413.0 b413.0 305
ZAlSi9Mg ZL104 AlSi10Mg AC4A ENAC-43300 A-S9G A-S10G AlSi9Mg(3.2373) LM9 3051 360 309
ZAlSi7Cu4 ZL107 AlSi6Cu4 AC2B ENAC-45000 A-S5UZ AlSi6Cu4(3.2151) LM21 Apr-69 319 326
ZL302 ZL6 A05140 AC7A A05141 AlMg6/AlMg3 514


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