aluminum casting services

aluminum casting services

aluminum casting is used to produce zinc and aluminum parts, by injecting melting material – under high pressure – into reusable steel molds (also known as dies). They can be designed to produce very complicated parts with pin point accuracy. Our aluminum casting company manufactures parts with sharp definition, strong material integrity and smooth or textured surface finishes. Our company is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for the following industries:  Decoration industry, Furniture, Public facilities part, Electric accessory,pipe, electric field, etc.


Aluminum alloy Main material is ADC12, ADC10, A380, A360, A356/ alsi7mg, alsi12, alsi10mg, alsi9mg,etc.

For the surface treatment could be chrome, Sandblast, Electrophoresis, anodized, Polishing, Painting, Powder coating Polishing, Painting, Powder coating and so on.

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Why aluminum Castings China?

Our full-service company specializes in manufacturing cast products made from aluminum and zinc alloy materials. Our knowledge, combined structured project management methods, supports customers from concept, through rapid prototyping, tooling and pre-production stages, as well as full-scale manufacturing.

Aluminum alloy die casting

Die-casting relies on pressure to hydraulically press aluminum or zinc into molds and equipment, and to shape the product at high temperatures, as shown in the following figure, but different parts still require special techniques and designs to complete the optimal mold structure and parts, to achieve the lowest cost and The best product, usually, die-casting parts will not be oxidized, other surface treatments can be based on parts requirements, such as spray painting is possible.

aluminum alloy die casting

aluminum alloy die casting

I’m interested in learning more about these specific casting processes:

Aluminum services


Following list is the general material used for pressure die casting according to different country standard.

Aluminum Alloy Commerdal Standard Equivalent Alloys or dose sub strtutes
ANSI AA BS1490 DIN1725/2 JIS
413.2 American 413.2 LM6 GD-ALSi12
A360 American A360.1 LM9 ADC3
A380 American A380.0 LM24 GD-AISi8Cu3 ADC10
384 American 384 ADC12
ADC12 Japanese 383.0/384.0 ADC12
GD-AISi9Cu3 German LM2 GD-AISi9Cu3
GD-AISi12(Cu) German A413.0 LM20 GD-AISi12(Cu) ADC1


Aluminum alloy low pressure casting

Low-pressure casting, the biggest difference from die-casting is that its aluminum liquid is from bottom to top, like following shown, which is stabilized by a large and very stable pressure, and of course there is a very high temperature. Low-pressure casting can be used for relatively large parts, such as up to 1 meter and width of 300mm. There is also a very important point. Low-pressure casting can be used to make thicker products. Generally, 4mm wall thickness and thicker are no problem, once mold design is reasonable, and with rich experience, the product will not appear big sharkage.


aluminum alloy low pressure casting

aluminum alloy low pressure casting


Following is common aluminum alloy low pressure casting material types:

China GB ISO JIS EN NF DIN BS UNI              USA
Grade Code AA SAE
AlSi7Mg ZL101 AlSi7Mg AC4C ENAC-42100 A-S7G AlSi7Mg LM25 3599 356 323
ZAlSi7MgA ZL101A AlSi7Mg AC4CH ENAC-42100 A-S7G03 AlSi7Mg(3.2371) 2L99 8024 A356.0 336
ZAlSi12 ZL102 AlSi12 AC3A ENAC-44100 A-S13 AlSi12(3.2581) LM6 4514 413.0 b413.0 305
ZAlSi9Mg ZL104 AlSi10Mg AC4A ENAC-43300 A-S9G A-S10G AlSi9Mg(3.2373) LM9 3051 360 309
ZAlSi7Cu4 ZL107 AlSi6Cu4 AC2B ENAC-45000 A-S5UZ AlSi6Cu4(3.2151) LM21 Apr-69 319 326
ZL302 ZL6 A05140 AC7A A05141 AlMg6/AlMg3 514




Also, we feature top-of-the-line dedicated sections for zinc alloy and aluminum casting. We are equipped with multiple natural gas concentration melting, electric holding furnace and infiltration production line. We are a quality-driven manufacturer and mechanical part supplier; adhering to full compliance to ISO9001 quality standards. Our service facility is divided between the aluminum / zinc processes and brother support secondary machining operations. This manufacturing diversity allows you to take your most complex components and have them delivered to your manufacturing facility machined to print.