Certifications & Memberships


Aluminum alloy casting’s quality control capabilities feature state-of-the-art inspection systems. This allows our aluminum alloy cast technicians  the ability to look deep into aluminum alloy castings and analyze the depth of metal flow through the die and other critical test parameters in the production of high quality zinc and aluminum alloy castings.


The Great Wall certification and ISO 9001 quality management systems are strictly enforced.

ISO 9001 certification

Our complete aluminum casting, machining, engineering and executive staff is committed to producing the highest quality aluminum and zinc alloy cast parts available today. To maintain this project philosophy, aluminum alloy casting China regularly maintains and invests in the latest evaluation resources. By putting this equipment into the hands of our quality assurance professionals, we have been able to receive the highest level approval certifications and memberships.


High volume production requires the complete quality control focus throughout all phases of a project. Certification is an accepted expression of quality of our aluminum alloys parts, and we are implementing these into every steps, from mold development to each production.

Direct parts to find:

customized OEM aluminum alloy enclosure in casting
textile machine accessory in aluminum alloy casting
aluminum alloy lighting part with self-blasting
landscape casting alu furniture


aluminum die-casting lampshade shell
customized LED lighting accessories in aluminum alloy casting


aluminum alloy lighting part with self-blasting
landscape aluminum alloy casting shell


perfume outshell in aluminum alloy die casting
customized aluminum casting heat sink