China deep drawing mold and part


China deep drawing mold and part


Deep drawing is a cold stamping process in which a flat blank or a semi-finished blank is drawn into an open hollow part by a die.

The shapes of the products that can be made by the deep drawing process are: cylindrical, stepped, spherical, conical, rectangular, and other various irregular open hollow parts.

The deep drawing process can be combined with other stamping processes to manufacture parts with complex shapes, such as a blanking drawing die combined with a blanking process and a drawing process.

Drawing products commonly used in daily life are:

Rotating parts: such as enamel washbasin, aluminum pan.

Square parts: such as lunch boxes, car fuel tanks

Complex parts: such as car covers.

Deep drawing mold application: stretching forming part, hydraulic deep drawing press part, cover, housing, pipe end cover, steel caps, fan cover, pipe connection, light housing, deep sink, lampshade housing, water buffer tank, stainless steel kitchen sinks, steel pan, water buckets, drinking bowl for livestock, kitchenware products, pot stretching parts, pot body stretching, rice cooker accessory stretching, etc. We support deep drawing technical mold and equipment, hydraulic machine and all necessory infos about your projects.

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China deep drawing mold and part

China deep drawing mold and part