Markets & Industries Service

Aluminum alloy china provides an all-in-one service for the most demanding and industry applications. We serve OEM customers from all over the world. Our custom application types are limitless, especially daily inside and outside Industry – which uses many aluminum alloy cast parts with special drawing and structure.


Our main aluminum and zinc markets include the following industries:

mechnical parts, FurnitureLighting accessoriesPublic facilities part, Others



Whether it is outdoor aluminum table, leg, chair, various aluminum alloy fittings for furniture, aluminum alloy small base for shading project, card slot parts, various aluminum alloy hooks for bathroom, decorative parts, door lock aluminum alloy Accessories, lamp housing aluminum alloy fittings,  casting aluminum alloy zinc alloy fittings, aluminum alloy parts in mechanical medical, textile machinery aluminum alloy brackets, fittings, electrical parts in OEM aluminum casting, aluminum alloy shell fixture, fluid chamber aluminum alloy shell, aluminum housing, etc. All we will done well and seriously according customers’ drawing or sample. And keep timely updates for customers.


Our constant effort to improve casting performance and development are just a few examples how our engineering and production experience creates significant added value for every customer we serve. For our OEM aluminum alloy customers, we provide great experience in the manufacturing of precision aluminum alloy castings used in indoor and outdoor applications. In these OEM industries, high volume supply is critical to maintaining these project demands.


Whichever market you represent, contact us today to discover how you can benefit.