industrial pump components made by gray iron

industrial pump components made by gray iron


Ductile castings and gray irons, due to their excellent performance, can sometimes replace expensive cast steel and forged steel in use, and are widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. The research and development of high-quality nodular cast iron parts and gray iron parts are mainly concentrated in thick and large parts. They are used in large-scale equipment fields such as metallurgy, mining, transportation, power, and machining. Their working conditions are difficult, maintenance is difficult, and continuous operation is required. Working for more than 10 years, so the internal and external quality requirements of the casting are extremely high. The energy demand is increasing day by day, and the emerging industry wind power generation has gradually developed and expanded with its unique advantages. Many of the core cast iron markets are cast iron or cast steel parts such as nodular cast iron parts such as hubs, spindle seats, etc. Due to special use conditions, It has good mechanical and physical properties such as elongation, impact work and nodularity.

Features of gray iron and ductile iron castings:

1. The tensile strength is relatively low.

2. Good abrasion resistance and shock absorption.

3. Good process performance, such as casting fluidity, machinability is better than steel.

Material Grey iron,ductile iron
standard DIN, ASTM, ANSI, BS, JIS etc.
process sand casting,resin bonded casting, investment casting(lost wax casting), die casting etc
Weight range 0.5-500kg
Surface treatment painting, polishing, heat treatment, plaining, powder coated etc.
Machining complete machining such as Machining center, CNC, Lathe, Milling machine,drilling etc.
Size and design As per the customer’s drawings and requirements
As per the customer’s samples
Packing export bag inside + wooden cases outside.
As per customers’ requirements
Inspection Foundry in-house
Third Party inspection available upon customers requirements


More projects about our ductile castings and gray irons:

More parts like: hydraulic valve body, caliper braket, metering pump housing, valve body, coupling, spray pump body, industrial pump components, wheels, agricultural machinery box, general box, etc.

pump casting Shaped bracket ht pump

pump casting /12kg                                  Shaped bracket /6kg                                                 ht pump/4.5kg

Vacuum pump Gearbox Power wind parts

vacuum pump/13.5kg                                 Gearbox Power /44kg                                         wind parts/56kg

Gearbox casting Textile accessories gearbox with painting

Gearbox casting/34.7kg                              Textile accessories /23kg                          gearbox with painting/18kg

reducer parts/L Gear reducer cast iron reducer parts/R

reducer parts/L /2.5kg                          Gear reducer cast iron/10kg                         reducer parts/R /2.5kg


Physicochemical testing including:

carbon and sulphur analyzer, tension tester, ceramic soil baking tester, a spark spectrometer, metallographic anlyzer, sand testing machine, tension tester, tensile force for casting processing, hardness testing, detection for core making,etc.


Parts’ feature:

Weight: 0.5-500kg

Sample and delivery: sample 20-45days basing on actual structure and drawing requirements.

Processing: casting/blanking+machining+surface coating+inspection+packing&shipping

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