ningbo professional low pressure die casting mold for A356 casting

ningbo professional low pressure die casting mold for A356 casting


Low pressure key center mold is in 1.2344 Steel/40CrMoV5/H13,


Low Pressure casting has the following advantages:

1) Pure filling metal liquid improves the purity of casting. Slag usually floats on the surface of molten metal, low-pressure casting is filled by the liquid metal in the lower part of the crucible through a riser tube, completely avoiding the possibility that the slag enter mold cavity.

2) Filling of molten metal is stable, reducing or avoiding phenomenon of tumbling, impacting and splashing of molten metal during filling, thereby reducing the formation of oxidized slag.

3) Casting has good moldability, molten metal is filled under pressure, which can improve the fluidity of molten metal, and is favorable for forming a casting with a clear outline and a smooth surface, which is more advantageous for the formation of large thin-walled castings.

4) Casting is crystallized and solidified under pressure, can be fully filled and structure of the casting is dense.

5) Yield of molten metal is improved. Generally, no riser is required, and the uncondensed metal in the riser can be returned to the crucible, and the use is repeated, so yield of molten metal is greatly improved, and the yield is high. Generally up to 90%.

6) Convenient production and operation, good working conditions, high production efficiency, easy mechanization and automation.

Quick details:

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China Cavity: Single & Multi- cavity(basing on each part structure)
Brand Name: OEM/Custom Surface treatment: EDM & High Polish
Model Number: OEM-MD0004 Application: Aluminum alloy casting parts
Shaping Mode:  pressure casting Gate: Cold Runner, DME/HASCO Hot Runner
Product Material: Aluminium Delivery Time: 2-6 weeks
Product: Aluminum parts / products Applied software: Pro-E, Solid Works, UG, CAD
Mould base: LKM , Hasco & DEM Standard Value-added Service: Polish, Painting, Screen-Printing
Mould material: H13 steel core & 45 steel frame Mold Life Time: 100,000shots ~ +300,000shots


Low-pressure casting means that the mold is generally placed above the sealed crucible, and compressed air is introduced into the crucible to cause low pressure (0.06-0.15 MPa) on the surface of the molten metal, so that the molten metal is lifted by the riser to fill the mold and control. Solidification casting method. This casting method is good for shrinking, the casting structure is dense, and it is easy to cast large and thin-walled complex castings without the need for risers, and the metal yield is 95%. It is easy to automate without pollution.


Of course, some products have special cavity and structure, which determines help of sand core. At this time, you can see the yellow sand core and the solid mold work together. When the sand core is placed in the mold, The pressure will press aluminum liquild into cavity, mold starts to work, and keep punching in place and a certain cooling time. After the completion, the mold can be obtained with desired part blank. For details, please refer to our specific introduction about sand core.




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