Rugged, durable, high-specification, custom gear


Different teeth require slightly different materials, such as crmo materials and other 45 # steel;copper, these corresponding needs or can be achieved by different equipment, such as machining centers, punches, hobbing machines, wire cutting and many more. The specific process needs to be analyzed according to the customer’s specific drawing structure or sample. Tang Sheng is very professional in customizing and producing conventional teeth for the rotating industry, such as bicycles, etc. We welcome specific drawings and samples for analysis.

Gears for sewing machines, gears for lawn mowers, gears for pneumatic tools, gears for electric tools, textile machinery, small mechanical gears, toy car gears, etc.
Machinable types: straight bevel gears / small modulus gears / spiral bevel gears and other types of gears.

Processing methods: blank forging, lathe, hobbing, quenching, etc. Product specifications: customized to drawing;

At this stage, it can process a full set of gear transmission products such as 0.2-10 modulus metal, plastic, powder metallurgy and so on.
Gear accuracy: 5-8 grade.

Processing modulus: 0.2 modulus-10 modulus.

Gear types: spur gear, helical gear, internal gear, planetary gear, rack, worm gear.

Material: 45 steel, 40Cr, easy car iron (1214), brass, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, POM (saigang), pdf material, imported nylon, stainless steel 303 (SUS303), stainless steel 304 (SUS304), aluminum 6061 Aluminum 6063 and so on.

Surface treatment: blackening, high frequency, carburizing and quenching, surface nitriding, metal plating, etc.

Processing technology: hobbing, inserting, shaving, grinding.

Processing equipment: CNC lathes, automatic lathes, ordinary lathes, gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines, gear milling machines, shaving machines, gear grinding machines, milling machines, grinding machines, wire cutting, computer gongs, etc.

Testing equipment: full gear testing equipment, gear yaw, two-dimensional projector, HRC hardness tester, etc.



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