Quality Control


The quality control staff at Aluminum alloy Castings China ensure that our aluminum casting team continues to provide the best aluminum casting and zinc casting parts.

  Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Pot Handle with power coating 

Our aluminum alloy casting inspection and quality control protocol are strictly enforced through ISO9001 and Great Wall certifications. From mold making, using advance CAE to finial dimension inspection, we keep all quality checking in whole processing, scales and calipers are regularly serviced and calibrated to insure our aluminum alloy casting parts are precise and meet required specifications.





The quality control staff completes on-going education and training of all inspection machines and new features. It is our philosophy for the inspection staff to be quality conscious, enhance the final product finish.


We keep original material chemical checking and qualified with requirements’ need, and our worker will keep every batch castings is qualified as work instruction standard,precision machining center will ensure needed machining dimension, location, deepth and face. And for final 100% visual outside full appearance checking.