Sand core

Sand core

Sand core is used for special part that has a space inside or the structure is not suitable for one-time casting. These internal empty places will be s seperate structure, and the sand core is formed according to these structures. Then sand core model and sand making is according those structure too.


Sand core is also an auxiliary process when casting aluminum alloy. Of course, sand core is with seperate machine and mold to make the structure by rich experience operator, like following shown.


The sand core is used working together with part sharing inner with holes, cavities, etc., and sand is used as seperate structure and place in mold. When aluminum liquid enter part mold, sand core will be perfectly combined with aluminum liquid, then demolded together. When the whole cast aluminum alloy blank finished, sand core sintered by high temperature and together with casting. But we must remove the sand core out from blanking to get final cast aluminum alloy parts, these sand cores need to enter a high temperature furnace again to burn the sand. When temperature reaches a certain level, the sand core will fall off and the complete final aluminum alloy blank will be obtained.


Cast aluminum production method aluminum casting pipe with sand core 


Sand core is mostly yellow, and the sand core is manufactured in the sand core mold. When the sand core is formed, they need a suitable cooling and drying process, and then work with the product mold to get the perfect product, of course not all operators. Can do a perfect sand core structure, which requires professional and technical support.Of course, the sand core is a sand-type structure. It’s fragile need to be handled gently in the process of preservation, transportation, placement, etc., which is inseparable from strict QC testing.



Short Flow of sand casting working chart:

Part Drawing/ Sample→sand core Mould making→together working with casting→casting Deburrs and riser cutting→high temperature heating →sand core move away→

casting Machining(Drilling and thread,CNC machining→Surface treatment (Polising,Anodized,powder coating,paint,E-blacking)→Assembly and Packing→Shipping



Sand core is only one step if needed for some special parts’ structure, some other infos about aluminum alloy castings, pls find more in our site, like:

Secondary service:

operations can include machining, grinding, deburring, vibratory finishing, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, polishing, surface coating and final assembly. These are just some of our secondary manufacturing services.


Heat treatment options include: T5, T6. These treating services allow product weldability, rivet and glue joining, as well as low porosity shapes.