What are the advantages of cast aluminum alloy?

casting aluminum

casting aluminum


The cast aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy which is filled with a molten metal and obtained a blank of various shape parts. It is widely used in many fields such as aviation industry and civil industry. What are the advantages and disadvantages of casting aluminum alloy?

Advantages of cast aluminum alloy:

1. Good product quality

The precision of castings is high, generally equivalent to 6~7, or even up to 4; the appearance is good, generally equivalent to 5~8; the strength and hardness are higher, the strength is generally 25~30% higher than sand casting, but the extension The rate is reduced by about 70%; the scale is stable and the interchangeability is good; and the castings of aluminum thin walls can be die-cast. For example, the minimum wall thickness of zinc alloy die-cast aluminum parts can reach 0.3mm at that time; aluminum alloy castings can reach 0.5mm; the minimum casting hole diameter is 0.7mm; the minimum pitch is 0.75mm.

2. High production efficiency

The machine has high productivity. For example, the domestic JIII3 horizontal cold air die-casting aluminum machine can die-cast aluminum 600 to 700 times in eight hours, and the small hot chamber die-casting aluminum machine can die-cast aluminum 3000~7000 times every eight hours; the die-cast aluminum type has a long life. , a die-cast aluminum type, die-cast aluminum alloy, life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times; easy to achieve mechanization and automation.

3. Excellent economic results

Because the die-cast aluminum parts are accurate in scale, the surface is bright and clean. Generally no longer use mechanical processing and direct application, or the processing volume is small, so it not only improves the metal utilization rate, but also reduces a lot of processing equipment and man-hours; castings are cheap; can choose combination die-cast aluminum with other metal or non-metal materials . It saves installation time and saves metal.