What do you look for when choosing the right aluminum alloy casting supplier for your project?


professional, all talking and discussion need to be professional, professional at least mean they know what requirements of parts. For example, part material is A356, A356 parts can be cast in different processes, but it is necessary to determine which process is more suitable for your project parts,

such as

1)  Structure, wall thickness, quantity, etc. determine the parts suitable for low pressure casting , gravity casting or sand casting, die casting, this point we need know. This is directly related to price and delivery, and of course the quality of the product.


2) If the part requires corresponding mechanical performance requirements, such as yield, tensile, hardness, etc., it is necessary to consider whether the process can achieve the corresponding mechanical properties.


3) Heat treatment and surface treatment, heat treatment generally is T5 and T6, surface treatment generally has oxidation, passivation, spray spray, electrophoresis and so on. However, not all products are suitable for heat treatment or  surface treatment. According to the material of the parts, such as ADC12, ADC10 are not suitable for other castings, which is suitable for die casting.


Secondly, the scale of the factory is basically different. It is necessary to get a general understanding of the positioning of our project. Simply put, what kind of factory can be done, what kind of factory or factory that is good and it is suitable for this product,  level of factory technology, How about technical skills, these are best judged during the communication process and when visiting the factory.

Third, the product quality is a standard. The product quality can directly reflect the technical capabilities of the factory, the production capacity and the quality of the mold manufacturing, and the product design and development capabilities. These can have very intuitive responses on the product, such as a smooth product surface and a stable interior. Quality, no shrinkage holes, pinholes, etc. These can be used as a direct reference for quality.

aluminum alloy lighting part with self-blasting

aluminum alloy lighting part with self-blasting