What effect can be achieved after shot blasting of aluminum alloy castings?



The aluminum alloy castings themselves are subjected to a shot blasting treatment to obtain a smooth surface, using very fine steel shots to quick surround surface the casting.


  • Shot blasting has high productivity. Due to the new type of blasting machine with a throwing capacity of 110-260 kg/min, the projectile with a projectile speed of 50-75 m/s is thrown to the work-piece and can be cleaned in a few minutes. For batches with larger batch sizes or larger sizes, multiple shot blasting machines can be used for simultaneous shot blasting.

shot blasting  Aluminum alloy bracket

(2) Clean, enhance, and illuminate surface of part. After shot blasting, the attachments, thin edges, fins, and stains on the surface of work-piece can be removed, and the scratches are eliminated.


(3) Eliminate surface stress concentration. During the cooling process, uneven wall thickness, cooling rate is inconsistent, resulting in stress concentration on the surface. After shot blasting, the surface structure can be improved, the surface stress (tensile stress) concentration can be eliminated, the fatigue strength can be improved, and surface hardness can be slightly improved.


  • Increase the surface aesthetics. Since the projectile projectile is a spherical pellet, it is thrown onto the casting to produce a small concave hole, which is spherical, like a concave mirror. Under the illumination of light, like starry flickering, it is pleasing.


  • Improve surface spray adhesion. After shot blasting, the roughness can reach Ra1.6~6.3 μm, the surface area is greatly increased, and the surface dirt is eliminated, so the adhesion is greatly enhanced when the surface is painted or sharing other surface treatment.